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Genealogy: People in Places

When doing genealogical research about an ancestor you become something of a mini-expert on the places where they lived. You discover the cemeteries, the size of the city at that time, where the census enumeration districts were, and where parish and county boundaries were.

During your research you become grateful for the smalltown historical societies that exist in and care about their heritage enough to answer questions and preserve the institutional knowledge of available resources.

In the end though, you spend a lot of time learning about places when what you want to learn about is people. Your people.

GIS: We Have the Technology

GIS systems can do amazing things with place information, with all the place related information in genealogy there must be some tasks which would be simplified through the use of GIS.

The technology is ready now. Some of the data needed is ready now and other data can be collected over time. There are lots of smart IT people interested in genealogy, it’s time to make this happen.